Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Youtube Gaming Video's

Promote Your Gaming Videos , Leave a Comment with a Link to your Blog - Youtube Ect
And I will Add them to the List (Thank you for your Support)

XxXDawgmasterXxX Gaming video's

1. Firefall (In Beta Will be free to play)

2. Guild Wars 2 (Free to play - After you buy the CD)

3. Guild Wars 2 (Funny)

"Your Video's" could be here , just need the link/Info

Blog Rule's - it must be a Gaming type video , How to do somthing , how to play the - Ect

NO no other Videos will be adding here , Links up top for other video's
NO Nude-Rude - other type videos (this is a family type Blog)
YES Funny , Comedy , How to do somthing, how to play the game , Review of the game , Anything else that involved with gaming videos

Thanks for reading my Rules

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